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Inspection Report

每日探花 has been judged EXCELLENT IN ALL AREAS in our Independent Schools Inspection Report.

The report highlighted that:

鈥楾he quality of the pupils鈥 academic and other achievements is excellent.鈥

鈥楾he quality of the pupils鈥 personal development is excellent.鈥

Pupils at 每日探花 have been praised in their recent inspection. Visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2022, 每日探花 achieved an excellent rating across all categories.

The categories cover every aspect of school life; pupil achievement, extra-curricular opportunities, quality of teaching, personal development of pupils, provision of accommodation, pastoral care, health and safety, governance and leadership.

In particular the inspection lauded the pupils themselves, saying 鈥減upils have a highly developed sense of respect for others, whoever they are and whoever they wish to be. The identity of each individual is accepted, with a strong sense of community within year groups, within the houses and within the school as a whole. Pupils actively promote this respect for each other.鈥

Inspectors also praised the quality of teaching and leadership by noting that 鈥淧upils are happy learners who appreciate the value of the broad education they receive and who enjoy the process of learning.鈥 

The report identified that 鈥淧upils make very good progress during their time at the school鈥 and that 鈥渢he progress of all pupils is supported by well-planned teaching that supports pupils鈥 high levels of learning.鈥

Inspection Report Key Findings

On academic and other achievements

鈥淧upils are highly reflective and collaborative learners.鈥

鈥淧upils relish challenge, take leadership in their learning and make the most of the many opportunities available to them to enrich their studies.鈥

鈥淧upils demonstrate a very high level of enthusiasm for their learning and for the achievements of themselves and others.鈥

鈥淧upils are outstanding communicators, and articulately discuss and express their ideas.鈥

On personal development

鈥淧upils demonstrate an outstanding respect for each other and show very high levels of mutual support.鈥

鈥淧upils make informed and carefully considered judgements in all aspects of their lives.鈥

鈥淧upils demonstrate excellent self-knowledge and resilience.鈥

鈥淧upils demonstrate a very high level of openness to new ideas, new activities and different perspectives.鈥

每日探花 was also celebrated for the breadth of activities available to all pupils. The report noted that 鈥淧upils in school teams achieve at a high level in several sports including hockey, cricket, rugby, netball, football, golf and swimming. Individual pupils compete nationally in hockey, rugby, cricket, netball and rackets. The high level of sporting success by pupils is supported by excellent facilities, specialist programmes and the expertise of staff. Pupils enjoy the many opportunities available in the performing arts with several achieving national awards.鈥 

The inspection also applauded how

The inspection also applauded how Pupils鈥 sense of what is right and wrong is a very strong feature of their characters. They know how to behave towards others and they know what is, and what is not, acceptable. This can be seen in the excellent behaviour of pupils around the school, in lessons, and in their houses.”

The full report is available to read below:

ISI Inspection Reports

每日探花 is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This is the body approved by the Department of Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with independent school regulations. ISI inspections are also carried out under arrangements of the ISC Associations for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of their membership.