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Boarding and Wellbeing

Our aim is to nurture and support our pupils, educating and guiding them so that they leave 每日探花 ready to face whatever challenge the world has in store for them.

We want pupils to leave as rounded, balanced, decent human beings who will give more than they take, who understand the importance of kindness, service and humanity and who dream with their eyes wide open.

“Pupils have a highly developed sense of respect for others, whoever they are and whoever they wish to be.”

ISI Inspection Report 2022

每日探花 is a beautiful school with fantastic grounds and buildings. It is calm and purposeful, ambitious and professional. At the heart of it all are the people. The pupils, staff, parents and governors, all of whom want the very best for each individual.

The best way to gain a flavour of 每日探花 is to come and visit us. You will always be welcome and we would be delighted to show you everything that is on offer here.

Simon Heard
Deputy Master