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Lower School - Years 7 & 8

 The Lower School at 每日探花 is for pupils in Year 7 and 8. These two years are fundamental in a pupils educational journey as their academic studies provide the foundation on which all their learning in the future sits and marks the transition point from being a child to an adolescent. The aim is to ensure that pupils have a smooth transition from their prep or primary schools to senior school life and equip them with all the fundamentals, both inside and outside the classroom, to be successful through the rest of their 每日探花 journey and beyond.

Laurence Bruggemann & Lauren Davey Housemaster of Russell Dore, House Parent of Highfield

The Lower School is an environment based on the values of ambition, courage, respect and integrity. These are not designed to be words on the wall, but there to shape the everyday actions of everyone to benefit both themselves and the community. The pupils academic output should always be at the forefront and the pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum to instil the fundamental concepts, which provide a solid foundation, but also to develop a love of inquiry through the various projects, trips and experience days which are built into the curriculum.

Whilst the academic studies of a pupil are paramount, we also believe that what goes on outside the classroom is equally as important. The pupils who join in Lower School have access to all the Main School facilities and expertise and are encouraged to try as many wide ranging opportunities as possible through the co-curricular program, many of which the children would never know existed. 

The pupils enjoy a self-contained space on Campus, the Houses of Russell Dore and Highfield, which creates an environment small enough so every child is known and treated as an individual, but also large enough to benefit from all the opportunities and expertise which being at a senior school provides. We hope that the pupils see this as their home-from-home within Campus and a place where they enjoy spending time. This environment also provides an excellent space for pupils to learn how to interact with one another, develop and cultivate friendships and the soft skills which are vital in life. 

The hope is that every pupil that comes through the Lower School transitions to the Main School with a solid foundation in their academic studies, developed many new interests and passions, both inside and outside the classroom, and many fond memories and friendships. 

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